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Art theft: Bring on the Monuments Men … again

If George Clooney’s Monuments Men (portraying WWII Allied soldiers retrieving looted Nazi art) had been more successful at the end of the film, the fate of Bild mit Hausern (Painting with Houses) could have been very different.The Kandinsky painting currently hangs in Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum and has again...

PAI’s The week in focus: WWII casts a long shadow on art sales

Here’s a question. Do serious art collectors, art connoisseurs, need reports by the popular media, the sort of reports sometimes accompanied by screaming headlines? And do they need the specialist art media? The answer might be open to question, but more often than not it...

Art market view 2020: Rosemont Art Advisory’s Karolina Blasiak

Karolina Blasiak has international experience of more than 10 years in the art industry, having worked in several European countries and the United States. She assists in the global art advisory activities for individual and corporate clients of Rosemont International.

PAI Opinion: Clean Art

If you had planned to launder money through buying or selling art pieces in the EU, it is now too late – officially at least. Today marks the implementation of the EU’s Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5) – which directly affects art and antiques valued at over €10,000....


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