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Investing in sculptures? Crystal is the new bronze

An art consultant and founding member of the Art Due Diligence Group, Pandora Mather-Lees advises and trains superyacht captains, crew and others on the potential risks of carrying fine art in international waters. When it comes to investing in...

PAI’s The week in focus: Is it a buyer’s or seller’s market?

As asset classes go, art is arguably amongst the more nebulous. Acquisitions are, often, driven by emotion, by the desire to have a work that one can see and from which the owner can derive regular aesthetic pleasure. So, how does one avoid the charlatans, those who would...

How auction guarantees affect the sale of an artwork

Phoebe Kouvelas, LL.M., is founder of ArtSecure, a boutique law firm offering specialized advice on Art, Intellectual Property & Cultural Property matters. She regularly litigates and advises on a wide range of commercial and regulatory issues.

PAI Opinion: David Hockney – the biggest Splash?

Have you seen the video of the two-year-old confidently playing a game on an iPad? It is fascinating. Apple did not realise what it had created in 2010, perhaps innocently. And neither did David Hockney. As soon as he heard there was an...

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