Meet the team

Meet the team behind Private Art Investor. Here are the people who make the company tick:

Alasdair Whyte, Co-Founder 

Alasdair is a financial journalist writing about art. He has focused on high value asset finance since 1998. He writes across Private Art Investor and its sister publications – Superyacht Investor, Revolution.Aero, Helicopter&VTOL Investor and Corporate Jet Investor.

Louisa Whyte, Managing Director

Louisa started working in events and publishing in 2000 and has organised more than 100 conferences in 15 different countries. She co-founded Private Art Investor in 2014 with Alasdair.

Mike Stones, Group Editor 

Mike is the group editor of Corporate Jet Investor, Superyacht Investor, Private Art Investor, Helicopter Investor and Revolution.Aero. Former roles have included: group editor of Food Manufacture, editorial director of Decision News Media, based in the South of France, and deputy editor of Farmers Weekly. He co-owns a farm in Yorkshire and enjoys food, farming and flying old aeroplanes.

Yuvan Kumar, Editor

Yuvan is an arts journalist editing a financial magazine about the art world. He has written across Corporate Jet Investor, Revolution.Aero and Helicopter/VTOL Investor, since joining the company in November 2018. Outside the office, he can be found exploring new places and capturing life from behind a 50mm lens.

Rebecca Pearson, Business Development Manager

Rebecca is responsible for managing client relationships for Private Art Investor (and Corporate Jet Investor, Helicopter Investor, Superyacht Investor and Revolution.Aero!). She joined the team in August 2014 as a temp and now we can’t get rid of her.

When she isn’t busy managing our business relationships, she can be found enjoying a lovely stroll through the Surrey countryside or catching up on what the royal family have been upto.

Claire Slater, Business Development Manager 

Claire is responsible for managing client relationships and business development for Private Art Investor and it’s sister publications. She joined the team in November 2019 and is thoroughly enjoying learning this new, exciting and fast paced industry.

When Claire isn’t at her desk, she can be found jumping around at a Zumba class in the gym or throwing herself into a new sport – she’s currently trying to master skiing and surfing… but not at the same time of course!

Private Art Investor regularly posts opinion pieces from industry experts and specialists. If you are interested in contributing to the site, please contact Yuvan Kumar at