Batteries International is the definitive source of industry information, with regular news, views, technical updates and in-depth analysis written for key players ‚ÄĒ and, on occasion by key players ‚ÄĒ in today’s battery industry.

As such Batteries International provides a vital source of information for industry players to keep up with the latest developments and products and a readership of up to 15,000 industry professionals.

Batteries International is mailed direct to decision-makers worldwide within the industry. In addition we attend and distribute copies at key major battery conferences, conventions and seminars throughout the world that ensures you can reach an influential readership that includes board directors, company owners, chairpersons, managing directors, CEOs, sales and marketing directors, R&D presidents, industry organizations and academic institutions.

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Client Testimonials

Batteries International is a great publication to work with. They pay great attention to detail and never seem to miss out on industry happenings. They actively participate in each and every conference and keep their magazine visible and accessible in our industry. All the time and effort they put forth to bring the magazine to customers all over the world makes it an easy decision for MAC Engineering to advertise with them. We simply cannot get this type of exposure anywhere else. Our sincere thanks to all they do and hoping that they continue to be strong and prevalent in the Battery world.

Doug Bornas
Vice President Sales and Marketing
MAC Engineering & Equipment Co


Thank you for the inside back cover placement. We have received two inquiries to date that I can attribute to this advertisement. This is the first time I have seen a response to ANY print advertising that I could directly attribute to the dollars spent. I appreciate your exceptional customer service and guidance in helping us choose the advertising package that is best suited to our needs.

Jim Gilmour
Farmer Mold & Machine Works, Inc.


Taro: You know those BI guys really get around….

Scott: They travel as much as we do!

Taro:  Because they are absolutely committed to our industry and do anything in support of us all.  I trust them. They report fairly and openly about the challenges facing our industry aligning themselves with the most competent industry minds to help us address the challenges we face.

Scott: I agree, and they are fun to have a drink with too!

Scott Fink
Sorfin Yoshimura
Taro Yoshimura


Batteries International is a hard working publication. They ensure they have¬†an active presence during all conferences and trade events. They pay as¬†much attention to me, their advertiser, as they do other companies and¬†organizations‚Äô.¬†They are so customer focused that I felt comfortable choosing them to design¬†Hammond’s artwork and I am exceptionally happy with the results and their¬†distribution of it. They are a easy choice for our advertising needs.

Steve Barnes
VP of Europe and Emerging Markets


When we are investing money in print advertising we ask ourselves the same type of questions many companies ask when investing money in equipment.

1.      Will we get a return on this investment?

2.      Does the quality of the product / service offered by this company meet our needs?

3.      Do we feel comfortable with the people who represent this company?

Batteries International meets all of these needs for our company.

They are professional, hardworking and care about the betterment of the Lead Acid Battery Industry as a whole. Keep up the good work…

Kent Lancaster
Vice President Sales
Oak Press Solutions Inc.