Former EaglePicher president Randy Moore to head up ZAF

Randy Moore

ZAF Energy Systems, the US-based zinc battery developer, announced Randy Moore, the former president of EaglePicher Technologies, was appointed president and CEO on January 17 with Tom Shireman as new vice president of manufacturing operations.

Moore is a founding member, former chairman and director of NAATBatt. He brings Shireman with him, the former plant manager at EaglePicher, the US-based manufacturer whose batteries include lead acid, lithium, nickel and zinc.

Moore claimed the firm’s nickel zinc batteries were: “poised to disrupt the $50+ billion lead acid battery market. ZAF]s nickel-zinc battery is one of the most disruptive technologies available today as a competitive replacement for lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries,” he said.

“With better performance, safety, cost, and reliability, nickel zinc can make a significant dent in the lead acid market. I am excited to join the ZAF team and look forward to leading the company through its commercialization phase.”

Moore claimed that compared with conventional lead acid batteries used in motive sectors such as stop-start and deep-cycle industrial and recreational applications, ZAF’s nickel zinc offering yielded twice the energy density and, on a cost per kWh basis, worked out as half the cost.