High-purity metals firm opens three production lines for 99.98% pure nickel

Three production lines for manufacturing high-purity nickel plate, strip and wire for use in batteries and supercapacitors were opened by Hpulcas GmbH, a new producer of high-purity metals, the firm announced on June 19.

The proprietary technology purifies the metal to 99.98%, which means vastly improving performance, the firm said.

In batteries, nickel is used for protection from chemically aggressive electrolytes.

“A small amount of solute impurities brings about a drastic change on the mechanical properties of otherwise pure metals. Segregation of impurities facilitates stress corrosion fracture and inter-granular corrosion,” the statement said.

Hpulcas works on producing high-purity metals with a focus on developing advanced materials with partners throughout the global battery, electronics and aviation industries. Pure metals are transformed into advanced materials for these fields.