Julie McClure appointed new EVP for MAC Engineering

Julie McClure was appointed the new executive vice president for MAC Engineering, the well known supplier of lead acid battery manufacturing equipment, in June. She has a background in management, teaching and estate planning.

She has been a member of the board of directors of MAC since 1992 and so has a long association with the family-run firm. She is the daughter of Bob McClure, the chairman of MAC, and is being groomed to take over from him once he retires.

“For me the big change is moving from an understanding of how the firm runs, to doing the business of running it,” she says. “In any event, this is simply an anticipatory move — my father has no timetable for retirement as yet.”

McClure’s brief in the newly created position will be working directly with sales and operations, both in the US and internationally.

Her appointment comes at a fortuitous time for MAC as it coincides with the recent release of the firm’s Inline AGM cast-on-strap machine — widely regarded as a breakthrough in battery manufacturing technology.

“These are exciting times to be in the battery business,” McClure told Batteries International. “The whole industry is going through a process of change.

“I see a host of opportunities arising in the years ahead and not just from the lead acid business — though we are constantly looking to develop and improve new products in this our core business — but also in different market sectors.”