Maxwell advances ESM as lead acid truck battery substitute

Maxwell Technologies, the ultracapacitor firm announced in March that its ultracapacitor-based Engine Start Module (ESM) will be offered as a factory-installed option on new Kenworth T680 and T880 trucks. The firm also signed an agreement with Purkeys, an electrical systems provider for the trucking industry, for distribution of its ESM to the North American heavy duty trucking industry.

“Fleet owners, operators and managers will enjoy the benefits of dedicated ultracapacitor power for dependable engine starting from day one,” said a Maxwell official.

“With batteries no longer required for this task, truck drivers can use truck accessories, such as lights and lift gates, without worrying about whether there is sufficient power remaining to crank the engine or if they will need to call for a jump-start.”

Kenworth dealers have offered the ESM as an aftermarket solution since 2011. The firm becomes the first original equipment manufacturer to offer Maxwell’s ESM as a factory-installed option.

Bruce Purkey, chief creative engineer at Purkeys says the distribution agreement will help Maxwell expand its North American sales of the ESM and provide individualized attention to fleet customers and original equipment manufacturers seeking alternative energy solutions.

“We expect Maxwell’s Engine Start Module line to help significantly reduce our industry’s engine cranking challenges, and we look forward to working together to address other energy obstacles facing this market,” he says.