Panasonic launches series of lead acid batteries

panasonicPanasonic will launch a range of valve-regulated 12V lead-acid batteries, the Japanese electronics maker announced on October 18.

This will replace its LC-R range of 26 models over the next six months with a complete phase-out by the end of 2017.

The company says the VRLA batteries, which will be called the “New-R” series, are suitable for applications such as emergency lights, medical equipment, wind turbines and electric wheelchairs, but will also be used for mobile base station and data centre back-up.

The batteries have a cycle life of up to 600 cycles, an improvement on the LC-R series, which offered up to 500.

“We think that one of the largest advantages for lead acid batteries is that the cost per capacity is cheaper than lithium-ion batteries,” said a spokesperson for Panasonic.

In November 2015 Japanese battery maker GS Yuasa said it had agreed to buy Panasonic’s lead-acid battery business. Panasonic did not comment.