Redflow slashes ZBM battery cost in drop below grid price

Redflow, the Australian provider of energy storage flow batteries, has announced that it has decreased its zinc-bromide battery (ZBM) cost by 50% through technology improvements and a stronger manufacturing relationship with Flextronics.

The company says it is able to offer — all prices quoted in US dollars — its naked ZBM product at a cost of 20¢ per kWh throughput, down from $48¢ six months ago. Energy from from Redflow’s ZBM product has dropped below grid price., it claims.

“Our ZBM battery is now the best priced energy storage product in the market and today’s price per kWh is a game changer that should generate substantial amounts of interest among customers,” says Redflow’s chairman, Simon Hackett.

Redflow has already outsourced the majority of manufacturing for its key product, the ZBM, to global manufacturing Flextronics in North America. The ZBM electrode, which is still being manufactured in Brisbane, will also be outsourced to Flextronics.

Redflow has started the transition to the use of its latest electrode surface coating, ACN13, in its production batteries. The use of ACN13 in production will be integrated with the outsourcing of electrode manufacturing to Flextronics. In-house testing has shown a substantial improvement in physical operating characteristics and projected lifetime thanks to the new materials.

As a result of these improvements, the nominal levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for the delivery of energy from ZBM2 and ZBM3 batteries has fallen by over 50% to 20¢/kWh using the expected 40,000 kWh electrode stack lifetime.

Redflow has improved the manufacturing warranty on its ZBM products to 10 years, or their standard warranted energy throughput, whichever comes first.

The electrode energy warranty applies specifically to the electrode stack, with the balance of the ZBM modular component set maintaining a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.