Sakura introduces desulphator to extend life for deep cycle lead acid batteries

A new product could be used to extend the life of the deep-cycle batteries typically used in off grid solar and wind power systems.

The Battery Extra EX02, from Sakura Batteries UK aims to end the premature and costly failure of batteries due to sulphate build up on the battery plates. This is generally caused by the regular use of batteries before they are fully charged.

The Battery Extra EX02 was developed specifically for the larger battery banks, up to 3,000 Ah, found in off grid systems.

Sakura describes it as β€œa powerful and very compact desulphator able to fully clean both the negative and positive battery plates of sulphate crystal build up without the need for damaging high voltage spikes.

The Battery Extra EX02 works by creating a wide range of radio frequency signals coupled with a voltage pulse, and sending them to the battery, these are designed to gradually dissolve the sulphate crystals, which build up on the plates of the batteries.

Brian Burton, sales director of Sakura Batteries, said: β€œIn effect we are offering a free trial of our product, no ifs or buts. If the Battery Extra EX02 desulphator does not improve the performance of your batteries, we give you your money back. Plus we offer an extended three year warrantee with all Battery Extra desulphator products.”