Skeleton Technologies launches ultracapacitor for heavy machinery


Ultracapacitor designer and manufacturer Skeleton Technologies on February 2 launched its latest product based on its curved graphene technology.

The SkelStart Torque 24-volt engine start module is capable of starting engines in the most demanding of environments, the company says, and is designed for mining and heavy machinery which have higher requirements than conventional batteries because of the large size of their engines and the harsh conditions in which they often have to operate.

The 24V engine start module has a peak power of 93kW and 1200 cold cranking amps.

Conventional batteries are usually used to start the engines, but often fail or work poorly in extreme temperatures and have relatively short lifetimes, leading to high replacement costs and frequent maintenance requirements,” said the company.

Businesses operating heavy machinery in demanding environments need to be certain that they can rely on their engines, or face reduced production and high costs,” said CEO Taavi Madiberk.

The new ultracapacitor can be used as an addition to any existing batteries or as a replacement. The firm says it provides reliable engine starting power in temperatures ranging from minus 40°C to more than 65°C, and has a lifetime of more than 10 years, compared with a two-year replacement cycle of lead acid batteries.

Skeleton Technologies uses patented nanoporous carbide-derived carbon, or curved graphene, in its ultracapacitors, which the company claims deliver twice the energy density and four times the power density offered by other manufacturers.