The world’s ‘largest’ battery for north China

For the record, Rongke Power a partner and affiliate of UniEnergy Technologies said in May it plans to deploy the world’s largest battery — a vanadium flow battery — rated at 800MWh. UET and Rongke Power have worked closely together since 2012 to develop large-scale vanadium flow batteries.

The battery arrays approved by the China National Energy Administration will be made up of 10 20MW/80MWh VFB systems deployed on the Dalian peninsula, which during extreme weather events has experienced stress on the electricity grid.

After commissioning, the VFB battery will be able to peak-shave approximately 8% of Dalian’s expected load in 2020.

The VFB battery will be built at Rongke Power’s new factory to be opened this autumn, with a phase 1 capacity of 300MW of VFB electrode stacks, a phase 2 capacity of 1GW, and a phase 3 capacity of 3GW.