Trojan Battery launches new Solar AGM line


Trojan Battery, the deep-cycle AGM battery manufacturer, launched a new range of batteries for solar and renewable energy applications at the Intersolar Europe conference in Munich on May 30.

The range of Solar AGM batteries also features a carbon additive that Trojan says helps to reduce the effects of partial state of charge making the batteries, suitable for practically any application.

“Trojan’s Solar AGM is referred to as a true deep-cycle AGM battery because it is specifically engineered for deep-cycle applications, unlike most AGM batteries on the market today which are designed for dual-purpose or standby applications, such as UPS back-up,” Trojan director of new market development Ganesh Balasubramanian told BESB.

“Trojan’s new line of true deep-cycle batteries has been designed from the ground up and optimized for applications where batteries need to be charged and discharged on a daily basis.”

The battery line has been honed for solar applications with an advanced plate design and premium separators for overall extended cycle life, says Balasubramanian. They can also operate within a wide temperature range with shock and vibration resistance and higher charging efficiency, he said.

“These features make it the ideal battery for the harsh and demanding environments of off-grid as well as grid-connected systems with frequent cycling needs,” he said.

Because the batteries do not require watering they are suitable for use in the remote locations, where they are typically installed.

Trojan uses smart carbon in all of its industrial and premium flooded battery lines. This is a proprietary formula, which has been developed so that batteries can operate better in partial state of charge and are therefore suitable for many applications in which the battery is under charged on a regular basis.

The new batteries are available in 6V, 8V or 12V.